Vietnam has a high reliance on coastal fisheries and, as an emerging hub for seafood trade, opportunities for regional influence. Building on research to identify impacts of changing patterns of fish production and fish trade in the Mekong Delta, additional investment will allow a context-specific focus on the feed and seed inputs supplied from Cambodia to the aquaculture sector in Vietnam, the single largest producer of catfish, aimed at export markets in United States and Europe, and recently with expansion in China.

This research will entail a comprehensive value chain analysis: assessing the benefits and losses with respect to livelihoods, income, poverty, and food and nutrition security of different population groups, including fisherfolk, value chain actors, producers, exporters and consumers as well as environmental factors.

It is commonly considered that feed and seed to Vietnam from Cambodia are in direct competition with fish as food for humans, especially for the poor, and that fish from aquaculture in Vietnam does not directly benefit consumption by the poor. Collaborations are proposed with research institutes RIA2, Sub-Institute for Water Resources Planning and Can Tho University.