In Zambia, FISH works to increase the productivity of fisheries and aquaculture and strengthen value chains to increase incomes of fish dependent people in Zambia. In the Barotse Floodplain of western Zambia, our research focuses on fish-processing technologies and social innovations that reduce postharvest losses and improve gender relations throughout the fishery value chain. In Northern Province, we collaborate with HarvestPlus and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) to implement a research in development project with partners Self Help Africa and several line ministries. We provide technical support at Misamfu Aquaculture Research Station in Kasama to improve fingerling production and distribution channels, and are developing and testing fish-based food products for rural and urban poor consumers.

Zambia plays a key role in regional fish trade. Despite this, fish consumption is low due to lack of production. FISH research focuses on testing technologies that improve the productivity of fisheries and aquaculture and strengthen value chains, with the aim of increasing incomes of fish-dependent people in Zambia and throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

- Sloans Chimatiro, Country Director, Zambia