Professor (Wageningen University & Research (WUR))

Dr. Johan Verreth is professor of Aquaculture and Fisheries at Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands. With over 35 years of experience in academic research and training, he has directed many international collaborative research programmes geared to sustainable inensification of aquaculture and to sustainable management of natural fish resources. His main expertise is in the area of fish nutrition and aquaculture production systems and he has (co-)authored more than 190 peer reviewed publications and a number of books and book chapters. He was co-founder of the Dutch Aquaculture Society, president of the European Aquaculture Society, served for 5 years on the Scientific Advisory Board of INRA (France), is currently president of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Faculty Fish Culture and Protection of Waters at the South Bohemian University (Czech Republic) and member of the executive committee of the H2020 project EURASTIP, that intends to develop shared multi-stakeholder platforms between Europe and Asian countries to foster sustainable seafood production and trade.





Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German