In Malawi, a FISH scaling country, the fisheries sector—composed of capture fisheries, aquaculture and the aquarium fish trade—is an important source of food, rural income, export earnings and employment.

Since 1987, WorldFish has been working with the Malawi Government, universities and development partners to create a more productive fisheries sector that contributes to diversified and resilient rural livelihoods and promotes food and nutrition security.

Past efforts have included developing improved aquaculture technologies, implementing holistic ecosystem approaches to fisheries management, supporting the creation of improved fisheries policies, and providing scientific training to partners in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

Through FISH, a new partnership with the University of Malawi, as a NEPAD African center of excellence for aquaculture research, provides an opportunity to enhance postgraduate training of aquaculture researchers within sub-Saharan Africa. This partnership aims to develop future aquaculture research leaders to accelerate national capacity for research and extension.