USAID_Feed the Future Cambodia-Rice Field Fisheries II project_Semi annual report April 2018 - Sept 2018

This fifth semi-annual report (#5) summarizes the progress of the Feed the Future Cambodia Rice Field Fisheries II project (RFF II) over a period of six months from April 01, 2018 to September 30, 2018. The majority of activities as prescribed in the annual work plan for the Year of October 2017 - September 2018 are on track (please see the updated workplan in Annex 3). In February 2018, the project signed the service contract agreements with 11 companies to conduct earthworks at 102 Community Fish Refuge (CFR) sites in four provinces to improve CFR environments and their connectivity with surrounding rice field systems. The implementation of the earthworks continued in the current reporting period, and the project team closely monitored the progress, following the Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plans (EMMP), and met often with contractors to ensure completion of all earthworks before the wet season. As a result, 99% of earthwork activities were completed by the end of May 2018.
On the other hand, the project team faced with the following challenges during the reporting period: i) the requirement to submit permission letters to local authorities prior to conducting public events in provinces; ii) heavy rains that started unseasonably early, from the beginning of March 2018, and have continued to rainy season; iii) postponement of some project activities during the national election campaign in July 2018.