Training of Trainers and capacity building workshop for hatchery and feed operators in Kasama, Zambia Workshop report

IBEMS/Aquapreneur under the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) funded 'Piloting inclusive business and entrepreneurial models for smallholder farmers and poor value chain actors in Zambia and Malawi', were trained on Better Management Practices (BMPs) of Aquaculture including business planning. The training workshop took place over 4 days and managed to equip IBEMS with new skills and knowledge on aquaculture and also the skills they needed to train, support and mentor other farmers to grow their business. The partipants also validated the training materials and a significant number of farmers prefered the english manual to the Bemba manual and therefore suggested that the project distributes the english language manual in addition to the Bemba language manual so that farmers are able to use the language to use. Farmers were also trained on managing a fish farming business. At the end of the workshop, the trained IBEMS committed to developing business plans for managing their aquaculture business and training plans to offer training and support to other farmers.