Smallholder fish farmers population census report 2020: Northern and Luapula provinces, Zambia

In total, 2341 smallholder farmers participated in the census: 61% in Northern Province and 39% in Luapula Province. Of the overall total, most (72.1%) were actively involved in fish farming, while the rest had abandoned the practice at the time of the census. Most of the farmers were men. The average age of the farmers was approximately 44.3, with young farmers (defined as farmers aged between 15 and 35 years old) accounting for less than one-third of the total. Regarding school, the largest share of farmers had received primary education, while only a handful had tertiary education. The share of women farmers who never went to school was slightly higher compared to their male counterparts. In terms of marital status, the vast majority were married, but more women farmers were widowed, divorced or separated than men farmers. Each household had an average of seven people at the time of the census.