Management of inbreeding in carp hatcheries in Myanmar

Rohu is the most important aquaculture species in Myanmar and most rohu seed in the country is sourced from hatcheries (FAO 2010). Accordingly, the production of ‘quality seed’ in hatcheries is integral to the productivity of aquaculture in Myanmar. The quality of seed produced by a hatchery is influenced by the genetics of the seed and the environment (i.e. husbandry) experienced by the seed. Only the first of these factors is addressed here. With the overarching objective of improving the genetic quality of rohu seed for aquaculture in Myanmar, this report aims to: 1)report on current broodstock management in carp hatcheries; 2)identify key issues with respect to inbreeding and genetic improvement; 3)identify knowledge gaps and constraints with respect to the management of inbreeding and genetic improvement; 4)recommend changes to practices; and 5)identify research needs.