Livelihood impact assessment of beel user group members

The first round Beel User Group (BUG) member’s livelihoods report assesses the overall baseline information of the sample households under the fisheries promotion component of the Haor Flood management and Livelihoods Improvement Project (HFMLIP). Poverty largely persists in the North Eastern haor basin of Bangladesh predominantly within five districts of HFMLIP working area. The Project seeks to provide support to the local poor people to improve their livelihoods. The level of poverty is typically higher for those who lives in haor area is depend on fishing. Regional variations in poverty are also influenced by natural calamities; to address these issues the HFMLIP has launched an integrated development program to reduce poverty through establishing access rights to natural resources. This report summarizes the livelihood situation of BUG members’ households on a sample basis, first round BUG member’s livelihoods questionnaire covers a wide range of indicators considered to observe the situation in households’ economy. The purpose of the study is to create quantitative information with all livelihoods indicators that will allow understanding the changes of the BUG member’s socio-economic situation over the HFMLIP period.