LIFT_Promoting sustainable growth of aquaculture in Myanmar to improve food security and income for communities in the Ayeyarwady Delta and Central Dry Zone (MYFish-Culture-MYFC)_Narrative report 2016

This annual report of MYCulture project covers activities delivered and lessons learned during January to Dec 2016 of which a summary with key highlights are briefed below.
The project sites have been selected and promising aquaculture technologies were identified during inception phase. A total of three aquaculture systems were selected to be tested in the learning phase under different salinity (inland freshwater and riverine brackish) in Delta while three aquaculture systems in the CDZ under various water availability and access characteristics (irrigated all the year round, seasonally irrigated and rain fed). A total of 648 aquaculture farmers belonging to 40 groups from 73 villages have been selected from both Delta and CDZ to implement selected aquaculture systems during the learning phase. A total of 40 farmer groups with 648 farmers are formed in 76 villages in Delta and CDZ.