Inland MYSAP: Value chain report - Kyaing Tong

As part of the baseline research conducted for this project, a value chain study was commissioned to understand the constraints facing selected aquaculture value chains and the opportunities for value-chain upgrading and increasing fish consumption. Mekong Economics (MKE), a leading socioeconomic development consultancy in the Mekong region, was contracted following a limited tender process to implement the baseline research, including the value chain study. The following themes are touched upon, to varying degrees, in the value chain study: (1) production; (2) markets; (3) nutrition; (4) climate resilience; (5) gender equality; and (6) governance. Opportunities for the following are highlighted: (1) livelihoods improvement; (2) product development; (3) processing; and (4) service provision. These will serve to inform the specific contents of the intervention and to steer the project’s overall direction.