IFAD_Climate adaptation and livelihood protection (CLAIP)_July 2018

CALIP activities has been carried out with all five targeted districts for the period of November, 2017 to June 2018, which are reported in this annual report. WorldFish has been implemented the project targeted activities in 5 project districts. This report presents a consolidated progress of activities carried out from November, 2017 to June 2018. This annual report covering following accomplishments:
• Daylong pond fisheries training (Carp Mola polyculture training)
• Exchange visit to successful farm
• Established Carp Mola demonstration pond
• Established Mola brood pond
• Exchange visit to successful hatchery
• IFAD mission’s field visit
• Leaflet and note pad printed for training participants
• Coordination with HILIP/CALIP team at Upazila, district and central level
• Prospect and Challenges

During the reporting period a total of 63 pond fisheries batches (25 farmers in each batch) training were conducted in 28 upazilas of 5 districts. Organized 36 farmer exchange visit to successful farms, where 995 farmers were participated. Eight Mola brood pond were established in four district. A total of 8 Carp Mola demonstration ponds were established in different upazilas of project commending districts. During the reporting period a total of 1001 farmers were visited to the successful hatcheries (government & private) as part of their exchange visit. Devolved and printed 6500 leaflet and note pad for the participating farmers. Project was organized a successful field visit program for IFAD review mission team on March 07, 2018.