IFAD_Cambodia component Of managing aquatic agricultural systems to improve nutrition and livelihoods in selected Asian and African countries: Scaling Learning from IFAD-WorldFish Collaboration in Cambodia _Technical report 2017

In 2017, the project in Cambodia supported 65 households for homestead pond nutrition sensitive aquaculture, and selected 9 additional households to test intervention in seasonally flooded rice field ponds. Of the 65 households supported by the project, all received training on nutrition sensitive aquaculture techniques, 23 started a series of training model on hygiene and nutrition and 31 received training of homestead vegetable production. 29 households developed a family visioning to support gender equity in the households. The remaining beneficiaries will be trained in 2018. Three local partners NGOs and Fisheries Administration cantonment Officers received training:
- on nutrition sensitive aquaculture from Fisheries Administration expert (18 trainees);
- on gender transformative approach and family visioning (8 trainees)
Baseline survey and monitoring system for nutrition and fish and horticulture production, have been developed and deployed in 2017. The monitoring system includes also gender empowerment and equity.
In 2017, the local partners allocated 3 more staffs (1 per NGO partner) to support training, technical support and monitoring of farmers. Worldfish Cambodian Office organized a Global workshop on Nutrition-sensitive fish agri-food systems held in Siem Reap from 5th to 8th December 2017, which strengthen national and regional collaborations for scaling nutrition sensitive approaches.