Enhanced Coastal Fisheries in Bangladesh II

Enhanced Coastal Fisheries in Bangladesh II (ECOFISH II) is a 5-year project funded by
the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Jointly implemented
by WorldFish and the Department of Fisheries (DOF), ECOFISH II is built upon the
previous work of the original ECOFISH (2014–2019) project regarding hilsa shad
production in the Meghna River ecosystem. ECOFISH II is reducing the impacts on the
natural resources and fishing communities along the Teknaf–Cox’s Bazar peninsula
from the influx of over a million Rohingya refugees. It is also reducing the impact of the
Naf River fishing ban on host communities in Teknaf. ECOFISH II is scaling up lessons
learned from the previous project while expanding interventions for improving the
livelihoods of fishing communities and enhancing biodiversity conservation in the
artisanal fisheries of the Bay of Bengal. The ongoing conservation activities in the lower
Meghna sanctuaries and the improved management of the Nijhum Dwip Marine
Protected Area (MPA) remain integral parts of the project.