CIP_Third Narrative Reports Kulima - Worldfish_May 2019 to July 2019

This third technical report highlights achievements made in regard to two result areas namely (1) Improved organization and delivery of national research and extension services and (2) Supply system of appropriate inputs and related technologies set up and meeting the needs to ensure increased, diversified, and sustainable production. Between May and July, participatory monthly monitoring of fish growth continued at Tiyese (Kasungu) fish pond study area. During the same period, 500 Kgs of floating feed was provided to Lisasadzi Farmer Field School for them to learn the difference in growth rate of the fish based on the type of feed, thus formulated local feed versus floating feed from Zambia. The guidelines for Seed Systems and Hatchery operations were also developed in partnership with The Department of Fisheries and LUANAR.