CIP_Second Narrative Report Kulima - Worldfish_February 2019 to April 2019

The Second technical report highlights achievements made in regard to two result areas namely (1) Improved organization and delivery of national research and extension services and (2) Supply system of appropriate inputs and related technologies set up and meeting the needs to ensure increased, diversified, and sustainable production. Key achievements during this reporting period include Participatory monthly monitoring of fish growth has been done at Tiyese (Kasungu) fish pond study area, farmer trainings on feed formulation, training of 101 Master Trainers (70 Male and 31 Female) in pond designs and construction, fish species and their potentials, general fish farming, stocking, feeding and feed formulation and pond management, fish seed production, fish disease identification and fish farming business. Furthermore, three fish hatchery operators identified and trained for Mzuzu, Mulanje and Kasungu.