Seamus Murphy

Seamus Murphy

Gender Postdoctoral Fellow

Seamus is a CGIAR Gender Postdoctoral Fellow at the WorldFish Center, whose work centers on the nexus between gender, nutrition and fish value chains in Egypt and Zambia. His work will contribute gender-sensitive data on the trait preferences of fish among lower-income consumers and retailers to support the development of more gender-responsive fish breeding programs at WorldFish.

Integrating sex-disaggregated surveys and qualitative analyses of gender roles and norms over time, this work will also contribute to the development of systematic methodology for gender research within the WorldFish and CGIAR networks.

Seamus received his PhD in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, where his research examined the impact of market development on production systems and value chains of capture fisheries and wetland farming in Southern Malawi. Adopting quantitative and qualitative methodology, this research explored the commoditization of land, labour, crops and fish and its relationship with changes in intra-household and inter-household distribution of resources and decision making. This project addressed questions of women’s marginalization and the weakening of matrilineal support networks, and the development of community-based-natural-resource-management in an endorheic lake basin and predominantly migratory economy.

Prior to joining WorldFish, Seamus worked as a research officer at the Institute of Development Studies, where his research focused on livestock development policies relating to zoonotic diseases in Northern Tanzania. He has also worked as a research associate with the University of Crete, investigating the impact of biomass development policies on agro-fuel farmers in UK, Germany and Greece.