WorldFish-NRDC Fisheries and Aquaculture Programme Promotion Seminar

NRDC, Lusaka

Zambia currently has a high rate of youth unemployment. There are also noticeable disparities between men and women in the labor force, especially a lack of women formally working in the fisheries sector who have received fisheries skills training.

The NRDC Fisheries and Aquaculture programme promotion seminar organized by WorldFish has taken place on last Friday, 13 September 2019, was envisaged as a tool to motivate students towards being industries in their academic assignments for increasing their opportunities in finding gainful employment (or aqua-entrepreneurship). NRDC-Fisheries Science Alumni who were awarded internships after emerging Best Students (Tom Malambo, Mercy Sichone, and Mutakela Mutakela) in their respective graduation cohorts will be invited to give motivational presentations of their experiences. A few former NRDC students, employed by the private sector and youth aquaculture entrepreneurs will also be invited to share experiences too. This activity aims to motivate especially female youths whose performance has repeatedly been decreasing. It is also communication for development approach which is not only meant to raise awareness of the project but to also prompt behavioral change among students. The Chief Aquaculture Research Officer (Mr. Kalumba) and ZAEDP Project Coordinator (Dr. Kefi) will also be invited to share motivational presentations and talk of today’s growing aquaculture subsector. 

The Aquaculture Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training for Improved Private Sector and Smallholder Skills (AQ TEVET) project aims to help the Government of the Republic of Zambia and global stakeholders to meet a number of broader development goals and outcomes, this includes to diversify the economy and create jobs under the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP).