World Ocean Summit


How can we build a new— truly blue— ocean agenda?

We are facing a perfect storm. As the government and industry increasingly see the ocean as an essential source of economic growth, while on the other hand, they are tasked with countering the existential threat the ocean faces due to these (and other, land-based) activities. Businesses want to invest but are unsure about the risks due to ocean degradation and associated regulation.

This dichotomy is evident in two of the most pressing issues facing the ocean: overfishing (and the related issues of fishing subsidies and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing), and the question of how to manage plastic pollution (a complex land-based issue, but one that has a profound effect on the ocean). A more forthright discussion about these and other trade-offs is an essential part of the new ocean agenda.

Organized by the Economist Group and World Ocean Initiative, the World Ocean Summit is going to be held from 9 and 10 March at Tokyo, Japan. The summit will bring together a global group of policymakers, business and civil society leaders, investors, scientists and entrepreneurs to debate and develop new ideas on how to decouple economic growth from ocean degradation. WorldFish Director-General, Dr. Gareth Johnstone will be part of the panel discussion through a keynote session. Details to be shared soon.

WorldFish uniquely positioned to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals 14 (SDG 14 Life Below Water) by generating evidence-based solutions that inform policies and practices relating to sustainable ocean governance and the development of an inclusive and people-centered blue economy.

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