Seeds of Change Conference

The Ann Harding Conference Centre

Theme: Gender Equality Through Agricultural Research for Development


Seeds of Change Conference is an interdisciplinary gender conference for researchers and practitioners in all fields of agriculture & fisheries (including food/commodity/cash crops, subsistence/semi-subsistence sectors, supply chains, forestry, aquaculture, and water management) which is jointly funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research and University of Canberra.

WorldFish gender researchers, led by Dr. Cynthia McDougall will be participating and presenting in the conference. The following are the sessions by WorldFish gender researchers and/or funded by CRP FISH: 


  • Wednesday, 2 April 2019: 9.30 am-12.25 pm

Practice Workshop 2: Developing Gender-responsive Plant and Animal Breeding Programs: Principles, methods and tools Ranjitha Puskur, Vivian Polar and Cynthia McDougall


  • Wednesday, 2 April 2019: 1.15-4.15 pm

Practice Workshop 5: Gender-Transformative Approaches in aqua/agriculture, forestry and water management Cynthia McDougall


  • Wednesday, 3 April 2019: 11.00 am-12.25 pm (Parallel Session 1)

Integrating gender in agrifood systems research: Principles, pitfalls and ways forward Julie Newton


  • Wednesday, 3 April 2019:  11.00 am-12.25 pm (Parallel Session 2)

Panel: Gender Transformative Approaches: Strategies and Emerging Evidence Afrina Choudhury, Cynthia McDougall, Ramona Ridolfi and  Steven Cole 


  • Wednesday, 3 April 2019: 1.30 pm-2.25 pm

Plenary Panel: A conversation with men champions of gender equality: Challenging harmful masculinities for better development outcomes Steve Cole, Surendran Rajaratnam


  • Thursday, 4 April 2019: 11.00 am-12.25 pm (Parallel Session 4)

Gender integration in small scale fisheries - The challenge of integration at scale Danika Kleiber


  • Poster: Not recognizing women actors in aquaculture: Does the private sector lose business? Zinat Hasiba

More on WorldFish gender research in the spotlight at Seeds of Change Conference, read here.