Food for Thought: Integration of industry chain, external financing and distribution of cooperative residual: analysis on Yanghe village economic community

The shortage of funds and financing difficulties are the general challenges faced in the rapid development of fisheries industry. This talk will focus on the Yanghe village economic community as a case study, in exploring how leading enterprises develop new financing channels and innovative financing model to resolve the capital bottleneck in order to achieve economy of scale. The paper analyzed the integration of industry chain, focused on the innovation of the financing model and the distribution of cooperative residual. The innovative financing model of "Company + Investors + Managers" successfully introduced the external funds needed to develop the company, gave full financing control of the main resources to minimize transaction cost and maximize the economy of scale. The innovative financing model of the Yanghe village economic community yielded positive effects on the innovation of the modern fisheries financing model, which is of practical significance to promote and protect the healthy and stable development of modern fisheries.

Ms. Yuan holds a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and is now a research assistant in Freshwater Fisheries Research Center, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences of China. Having been working in the Department of Fishery Economics and Information and Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of China Agriculture Research System, her research mainly focuses on the research of fisheries economy, Industrial Economy, fisheries marketing and so forth.

Please find the recorded video from Ms. Yuan's Food for Thought seminar for your viewing pleasure: