Food for Thought: Constructing a next generation oceanic information system

Taiwan is an island with a thriving fishing industry. Prior to the year 2015, fisheries systems in Taiwan, apart from being outdated, are dispersed across different administrative groups making management and data verification very time-consuming. This resulted in Taiwan being issued with a “yellow card” by the European Commission for not fully cooperating in the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities. Taiwan government has therefore been very determined to invest in the development of a next-generation oceanic information system to increase efficiency not only in the monitoring aspect but also in scientific researches in their effort to lift said “yellow card”. This talk will discuss the roadmap and general structure of this information system and its technological potentials in the future.


Prof. William Hsu is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science, National Taiwan Ocean University. He has received his Ph.D. from the National Taiwan University and conducted his postdoctoral research at the Northwestern University, USA, and Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He is currently the director of the Advanced Computation Laboratory, leading a research team in big data computation and physical cloud computation infrastructure construction, the coach of the competitive programming team of his institute, and a member of the special interest group (SIG) of the Agriculture 4.0 project in Taiwan. Prof. Hsu is interested in cloud system implementation, big data analysis, embedded hardware/software design, and financial engineering. He developed the DeepSea 9 system, used in the fisheries monitoring center (FMC) at the Fisheries Agency of Taiwan. His current research focuses on developing methods and algorithms for far seas, overseas, deep seas, and offshore fishery, including stock assessments, resource management and estimation, cloud infrastructure for monitoring, and oceanic big data processing.

Please find the recorded video from Prof. Hsu's Food for Thought seminar for your viewing pleasure: